Implantology for General Practitioners

Minimally Invasive Implant Techniques

January 29, 2016

8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
7 hours of Continuing Education
Continental breakfast, lunch and snacks are included

Dr. Brady Frank

Brady Frank, DDS

University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry
1201 N Stonewall Ave, Room 161
Oklahoma City, OK 73117
(Parking and Driving Directions)

Academy of General Dentistry


Program Approval for Continuing Education
Approved PACE Program Provider

Discover minimally-invasive implant techniques that are making implantology accessible for general practitioners.

Dr. Brady Frank will introduce OsteoReady®’s top four minimally-invasive procedures and explain how they help improve patient comfort, reduce overhead, lower implant fees and increase case acceptance.

Attendees will learn about immediate placement using the No-Drill Implant Procedure with the OsteoConverter™ — the technique that has had the most profound impact on patient satisfaction.

The 1-Drill Implant Procedure using the Multi-Drill™ makes using four or five drills for an osteotomy a technique of the past — all you need now is the Multi-Drill. Find out why early-loading of implants placed with the 1-Drill Procedure has one of the highest success ratios of any implant procedure.

Both the OsteoHybrid™ and OsteoLift™ procedures make challenging cases with narrow ridges or in the maxilla simple and predictable with innovative implant designs and straightforward techniques.

The OsteoHybrid procedure combines the simplicity of placing a mini with the lifetime success of a conventional implant.

The OsteoLift is specifically designed to be placed against the sinus floor eliminating the need for invasive sinus surgery or bone grafting. Join Dr. Frank to discover how you can gain the skills to treat more than 80 percent of the implant cases in your practice.

Dr. Frank received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery at Marquette University Dental School. Now, as the Clinical Director and Founder of OsteoReady, he has developed a continuing education system that allows the general dentist to become comfortable in confidently providing simplified, efficient, lifetime implant solutions to patients.

Dr. Frank has contributed several pivotal inventions to implant dentistry, including the OsteoConverter, which allows the dentist to provide more affordable, efficient and comfortable implant treatment.

He is a sought-after speaker and educator, and has addressed thousands of dentists at major dental meetings and events throughout the country. Between his experience as a speaker, teacher, clinician and innovator, Dr. Frank is an invaluable figure in the field of implant dentistry for both the dentist and the patient.