About OAGD

The Oklahoma Academy of General Dentistry (OAGD) is managed and led by volunteer members and designated hired constituent staff who give their time, talents, and efforts to advance the value and excellence of general dentistry.

We are guided by and share core values with the Academy of General Dentistry. The OAGD is currently 314 members strong. Erin Sexson is our current President and welcomes any questions or comments about the OAGD: erinmsexson@gmail.com .

Listed below are the OAGD Values, Mission, and Vision.

The OAGD Values are:

Excellence in oral health care
Universal acceptance of the general dentist as the gatekeeper of oral health care
Continuous life-long learning
Teamwork; camaraderie; mentorship
Ethical, honest and credit behavior

OAGD’s Vision: The vision of the Academy of General Dentistry is to improve the quality of comprehensive dental care. We are motivated and united by the core human values of integrity and compassion.

OAGD’s Mission: The mission of the Academy of General Dentistry is to serve the needs and to represent the interests of general dentists and to foster their continued proficiency through quality continuing dental education to better serve the public.

About AGD

The Academy of General Dentistry was founded in 1962 as an organization whose main objective was to foster and encourage continuing dental education. The Academy established two awards–the Fellowship and Mastership–that would honor those members who were committed to and completed a prescribed number of hours in the continuing education.

In order to earn a Fellowship, it is necessary to obtain 500 hours of any type of C.D.E. From there to Mastership status requires another 200 hours of lecture and 400 hours in participation-type courses.

The hands-on requirement was built into the Mastership program because it is general knowledge in academic circles that the only way to really learn any technique is to actually sit down and do the mechanics after understanding the principles and goals that the student is trying to accomplish.