Join the Oklahoma Academy of General Dentistry

How to Join Us
General dentists, specialty dentists, and dental residents may join the Academy of General Dentistry by applying online. Current members may also renew their membership at the Academy of General Dentistry website.

Membership Benefits
Membership in the Academy of General Dentistry shows your commitment to professional development, continuing education, and ultimately, quality patient care. The Academy acts as a full-service organization to assist you in remaining current with advances in the profession.

As a member, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Convenient CDE Recording–And Transcripts on Demand
The Academy is the general dentist’s primary provider of CDE course credit recording. The Academy not only makes it easy to record your CDE course credit, it makes it easy to access them too. Members can access and print their transcripts at any time at the AGD Web site. This service makes relicensure a snap when you go to renew your license.

Member Web Page Builder
The Academy hosts single web pages where you can remote your dental services, announce your schedule, and most importantly, communicate with your patients. A step-by-step tutorial will make you a Webmaster in minutes.

E-mail forwarding
If you have an e-mail address, you can participate in this program. This system will allow you to use an e-mail address of your choice to be forwarded to your e-mail account. (Please note, this is not an e-mail service; rather, an e-mail forwarding service.)

Communicate with your fellow members
AGD FORUMS allows you to network with other members–virtually . The electronic discussions boards offer a convenient way to discuss issues affecting the profession.

Patient Referral Services (1-877-2X-A-YEAR/1-877-292-9327)
This service, free to AGD members, connects the public with local, AGD member, general dentists. Consumers call the toll-free number and an operator provides the names, addresses, and phone numbers of three local Academy member dentists. As of January 2004, the service has fielded more than 11,411 calls from consumers, resulting in more than 21,300 AGD member referrals.

Exclusive, low rates for personal and professional services.
Members can take advantage of numerous, Academy-endorsed programs such as practice financing, a flexible patient-finance program, professional liability, medical, term and life insurance programs, and low-cost credit card processing services.

Reduced registration fees
The Academy’s Annual Meeting, which offers the most participation courses, allows you to earn a year’s worth of CDE in just one place.

Award-winning publications, free.
Members receive subscriptions to both of the Academy’s highly regarded publications-General Dentistry and AGD Impact.

Membership Dues

Oklahoma AGD dues are $30 in addition to the appropriate National AGD Membership listed below:

Membership Categories Dues
Active General Dentist $380.00
Associate $380.00
Affiliate $190.00
Resident $76.00
2014 Graduate $76.00
2013 Graduate $152.00
2012 Graduate $228.00
2011 Graduate $304.00
Dental Student $17.00